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Crusader Kings 3's first paid DLC is Norse-themed Northern Lords and it's out on Tuesday

Adds new events, music, cosmetics, and more.

Developer Paradox's superb Medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 will be getting its first chunk of paid DLC - the Norse-themed Northern Lords Flavour Pack - this Tuesday, 16th March, and it'll be accompanied by a significant free update on the same day.

As its name implies, the Northern Lords Flavour Pack is a smaller-scale offering rather than a fully fledged Crusader Kings 3 expansion, and is designed to make the era's northern kingdoms - and the characters within - feel more distinct.

It will, for instance, introduce a range of new Viking-themed cosmetics, including new clothes and hairstyles for characters, plus new ships, units, and holding models for the map.

Cover image for YouTube videoCK3: Northern Lords - Announcement Teaser
Crusader Kings 3's Northern Lords Flavour Pack teaser trailer.

There's also new music and a host of new region-appropriate scripted events, decisions, legacies, and innovations specific to those playing in the north.

Crusader Kings 3's Northern Lords Flavour Pack arrives alongside a free update for all players when it launches on 16th March. Paradox has already detailed its most significant additions, including winter as a new gameplay feature, randomised poetry generation, and the ability to settle disputes through elaborate duels.