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Paradox doubling price of Crusader Kings 3 DLC

To "reflect the overall value of this kind of content".

Paradox, the developer of strategy game Crusader Kings 3, is doubling the price of the game's DLC packs.

Currently priced at $6.99 (£5.19 in the UK), the Flavour Packs will cost $12.99 from 13th September.

In a forum post (thanks TheGamer), the developer said it was "altering the prices of our Flavour Packs (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) to reflect the overall value of this kind of content moving forward".

Crusader Kings III: Release Trailer - Out now on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The post states USD prices, but the increase may vary in other regions.

While this won't affect the price of the base game or the Royal Court expansion, this will impact future Flavour Packs "whose cost will be more in line with this price point".

Cheekily, the post states: "we recommend getting your copies at the original price point of 6.99 USD before the change occurs".

It's unclear exactly why this change is occurring, but fans are understandably irritated.

The first comment in the forum notes: "changing the price of old DLC that was well worth its price is just...Shooting yourself in the foot in the eyes of the community.

"I can't see how this will have any financial gain from it either. Most people who play CK3 have already bought these DLCs."

Of course, future Flavour Packs may include extra content to warrant the price increase, but many fans do not feel the offering in current DLC is worth the extra price.

A reply on Twitter also confirms that the first DLC Flavour Pack, Northern Lords, "should be coming to consoles later this year if all goes to plan".

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