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Crusader Kings 3's Friends & Foes DLC adding over 100 new relationship-themed events next week

Arrives alongside free Bastion update.

Paradox Interactive's acclaimed Medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 is set to make its historical tapestry a little richer next Thursday, 8th September, with the arrival of the Friends and Foes Event Pack DLC, promising over a hundred new events.

These new player-driven stories, which can be encountered throughout ordinary play, all have relationships at their heart, but not necessarily the positive kind. One the one hand, players can "uncover novel ways to become pals with those [they] hold dear or even achieve the coveted best friend status", but on the other, Paradox says players should "be prepared for ever more dangerous rivals, sharpening their vengeful knives to get back at you."

Stories are at the heart of Crusader Kings 3, so more narrative options are always welcome, but those uninterested in laying down cash for the Friends & Foes Event Pack will also have something to look forward to - a number of additional free features and changes will be arriving simultaneously as part of the new 1.7 Bastion Update.

Crusader Kings III: Friends and Foes - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

These include AI improvements around economy and diplomacy, improvements to Populist Factions, and new relationship features that'll feed into Friends and Foes. On the latter front, expect new Loyal and Disloyal Traits, revamped childhood events, UI changes highlighting the reasons for different relationships, and a new Memories system. This will enable characters to remember important life events - the births of their children, important battles, deaths of close ones, and so - which can be viewed at any time and may also be used to trigger new content.

Crusader Kings 3's Friends and Foes Event Pack will cost $4.99 USD when it launches alongside the free 1.7 update next Thursday, 8th September. That puts it a little under the current price of Crusader Kings 3's Flavour Packs - which Paradox recently said it will be nearly doubling - from the current price of $6.99 USD (£5.19 in the UK) to $12.99 - starting on 13th September.