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Crusader Kings 3 gets extensive Ruler Designer customisation tools this week

Arriving in tomorrow's free 1.2 update.

If you're the kind of person that's frequently frustrated by the fact your game-assigned Crusader Kings 3 ruler isn't, say, sufficiently beardy, minuscule, or Ugro-Permian enough to suit your own highly specific tastes, developer Paradox now has the answer in the form of its robust new Ruler Designer, which arrives tomorrow, 24th November, in the free 1.2 update.

Crusader Kings 3's Ruler Designer does pretty much exactly what it sounds like, providing a wide range of in-game tools and tweakable parameters so that players can quickly and efficiently create the ten-foot-high bald tyrant (or otherwise) of their dreams.

The first step in your quest for perfection is to define your ruler's background, with options available for sex, sexual orientation, faith, culture, name (which can be auto-generated based on your selected culture if you're feeling uninspired), as well as coat of arms.

Cover image for YouTube videoIntroducing CK3 - Roll1D2 Ruler Designer
Introducing Crusader Kings 3's Ruler Designer.

From there, it's time to begin fiddling with Crusader Kings 3's various points-based gameplay elements, raising and lowering values for age and weight (affecting health), and adjusting points assignments for diplomacy, intrigue, martial, learning, stewardship, and prowess skills. Paradox notes that if players opt to stay within the standard 400 points limit, achievements remain enabled while using a custom ruler.

There's plenty more to tweak and assign here, of course, including the likes of traits, marital status, and offspring, but the real fun begins with the appearance editor - a world of absolute wonder for fans of sliders, where it's theoretically possible to create everything from a square-jawed heartbreaker to the kind of face only a mother could love.

There's a good introduction to the Ruler Designer in Paradox's new video, above, but it's not the only thing arriving as part of Crusader Kings 3's version 1.2 update. It also brings an extensive list of fixes, additions, and quality of life improvements, ranging from an enhanced ugliness system to an improved Dynasty UI, as detailed in Paradox's recent blog post.