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Cool BioShock Infinite-themed Fallout 4 settlement puts Columbia in the Commonwealth


Fallout 4 has been out for a few months now, but players brave enough to suffer through the unintuitive base-building continue to create impressive settlements. Now, a dedicated Fallout 4 tinkerer has put the flying city of Columbia in the skies above the Commonwealth.

GPG Shepard used a raft of mods, outlined in a post on, to create a Columbia-themed settlement in Fallout 4, complete with lightbox hot air balloons and Booker DeWitt lookalike.

The video, below, shows the settlement off. We see the Columbia name in neon lights, Rapture-themed posters and American patriot statues. There's even a lovely fountain.

99 per cent of the objects used in the settlement are Fallout 4 vanilla objects, if you fancy having a stab at creating your own Columbia in the Commonwealth.

GPG Shepard plans to release a standalone mod for download when the Fallout 4 GECK editor is released.

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