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Control - How to activate the lights in Active Investigations explained

How to solve the first light activation puzzle.

You'll have your first encounter with Hartman in the Control AWE DLC upon entering the Active Investigations office during your exploration of the Investigations Sector.

If you want to explore this location freely, then you need to activate the lights in the Active Investigations office. This can be a little tricky, because, firstly, it's dark and, secondly, there's a mutated monster man trying to kill you.

Banishing Hartman from Active Investigation will grant you access to his new hiding spots in the Fra Mauro AWE and Eagle Limited AWE areas.

For more information on Control, including the AWE DLC, visit our Control walkthrough and don't forget to ensure you know how to download and start the DLC first.

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Activate the lights to defeat the creature in the Active Investigations in Control AWE explained

Upon entering Active Investigations in Control AWE, you'll find that it's cloaked in a weird darkness. If you want to bring light back to Active Investigations, you first want to sprint over to the patch of light surrounding the elevator.

First, however, you need to try and use the elevator. Sadly, however, Hartman has over plans.

If you want to scare away Hartman, then you need to place Power Cores on the various sockets dotted around the Active Investigations room. Hartman shouldn't cause you much trouble as long as you keep moving and don't stop in the darkness.

The first one is located directly in front of the elevator and you can launch it onto the socket located to the right of where the Power Core sits. Doing so will turn the lights to your right on, allowing you to reach a small platform containing a store of Power Cores.

Next, launch a Power Core onto the socket located to the right of the core store.

There are two paths to the third socket - you can either follow the lights you've just turned on round the side of the room, levitating over the gaps as you go, and launching the Power Core onto the socket into the top left-hand corner of the room.

You can also, while carrying the Power Core, return to the elevator and then, from the spot of light surrounding the elevator, quickly fly up into the corner to place the core on to the socket.

For the final socket, return to the core store for a Power Core, and then return to the third socket by cutting across the room using the light surrounding the elevator. Once there, launch the Power Core onto the socket.

With the final Power Core placed, levitate over to the platform which contains the last socket. There you'll find a button, which, once pressed, will turn the lights back on and scare Hartman away.

Remember to visit the arcade machines in the breakroom on the left-hand side of Active Investigations to start the Shüm side mission, which, if completed, will let you complete various challenges and replay parts of Control, including the Ashtray maze.

Once you've finished exploring the lower floor of the Active Investigations, ride the elevator to the upper floor. You'll be met by the voice of Langston who will inform you of what's been occurring within the Active Investigations.

You now have the choice of visiting either the Fra Mauro AWE area or the Eagle Limited AWE area first. Though you may want to finish listening to Langston first, he certainly does have a lot to say...

For completing A Dark Place, you'll receive:

Collectables to be found:

  • Research & Records - Reports - Hartman Background
    • (On the computer bank next to the one containing the final switch for the lights)
  • Research & Records - Research - Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 1
    • (On a cabinet in the office on the right-hand side of the Active Investigations)
  • Research & Records - Reports - Door Appearance
    • (On one of the upper shelves of the right-hand middle shelving unit on the lower floor)
The locations of the collectables - Hartman Background, Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 1 and Door Appearance.
  • Multimedia - Interviews - Brain Hennerman Interrogation
    • (On the lowest shelf of the furthest shelving unit on the lower floor)
  • Case Files - Altered Items - Vending Machine Procedures
    • (On the floor near the Power Core store)
The locations of the collectables - Brain Hennerman Interrogation and Vending Machine Procedures.

It’s time to journey into the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Our Control walkthrough can help you through the storyline missions, including Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Old Boy’s Club, Threshold, My Brother's Keeper, The Face of the Enemy, Finnish Tango, Polaris and Take Control. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. We also have guides on upgrading the Service Weapon, your Abilities, how to use Weapon and Personal Mods, how to unlock every outfit and the solution to the Roulette Wheel puzzle.

Good luck exploring the rest of the Investigation Sector and hunting down Hartman! Remember - it's up to you whether you visit the Fra Mauro AWE area or the Eagle Limited AWE area first.

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