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Codemasters announces F1 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Series makes current-gen debut this June.

Codemasters' F1 racing series will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the first time from 12th June with the arrival of F1 2015.

Also available on PC, this year's racer boasts an all-new game engine, plus fresh championship season and pro season modes.

Improved physics and handling have been applied to all areas of the cars themselves, from tyres to the fuel tank.

Also new: a broadcast-style presentation and voice integration with Kinect and the PlayStation Camera so you can ask for updates on race information, weather and request tyre changes.

The 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship will also be playable.

"F1 2015 marks an exciting new chapter for Codemasters and Formula One; it's a shift in direction for the game series, on new formats and our brand new game engine, with the game set to be released earlier in the season, launching this June," director Paul Jeal said.

"The handling is a vast improvement from our previous games. In particular our new tyre model is a superb step forward towards realism, letting you explore where the limit is and allowing you to instantly feel much more connected with the car. You can now experience the changes in grip caused by temperature changes, wear, car set-up, debris and weather conditions."

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