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COD4 PS3 issues solved

Firmware problems fixed.

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Infinity Ward says that a problem preventing people getting online with Call of Duty 4 on PS3 has now been fixed.

It all started going wrong for PS3-owning fans of the game round about the time Sony's 2.01 firmware was deployed this week, with countless reports of specific error messages on the Charlie Oscar Delta and Infinity Ward forums.

Fortunately, it seems things are now sorted. "You should no longer be receiving this error message or any other issues related to the firmware update in the game," Infinity Ward's community relations manager wrote.

"Thank you to everyone for giving us the heads up on this so we could start tracking down answers, and getting it resolved and please let us know if you have any additional issues." (Well, I've got this strange rash.)

The PS3 Call of Duty is also looking forward to its first patch, much as with the Xbox 360 version.

Like the 360 patch, Infinity Ward says this will optimise some areas of the multiplayer experience and add host migration among other things, including the ability to mute other players. Hurrah!

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