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COD4 Live patch in works

Infinity Ward details tweaks.

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Infinity Ward is planning to patch Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360 in the relatively near future to take care of various online issues.

Speaking on the game's official forum, IW's community relations manager explained that the update will optimise things like match-making and host-selection, among other tweaks.

These include the addition of host-migration, so if the host leaves a game it automatically chooses the next best host, as well as a new control scheme, improved network performance in 18-player games and other tweaks detailed on the thread.

Elsewhere, IW said that a separate update will solve an issue relating to corrupt profiles.

Neither update has a deployment date, but we'll let you know when they're out there.

Not that their absence seems to be doing Call of Duty 4 much harm. It's top of the UK sales charts, and Major Nelson's latest Live activity charts reveal that it is now second only to Halo 3 in terms of popularity, displacing Gears of War.

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