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COD4 beta registration tonight

At zero-hundred hours, soldier.

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Early registrations for the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta on Xbox 360 will begin tonight at midnight.

The news was hidden in the official website forums, and said lucky sign-ups could be playing as soon a handful of hours later.

"We've been playing the beta internally, and it's so much fun [that] we are dying to play with you," read the post. "So, let's blow off waiting for the site and just consider this the countdown; there will be a way for people to register for the beta starting 5pm PDT tomorrow."

"Some of those will be playing as early as tomorrow night - tick tock tick tock."

But you won't all be let in at once, more and more people will be added over time – with roughly a new wave included every day. It also isn't the only way into the beta, so don't panic.

Keep your eyes on the CharlieOscarDelta site tonight for more information.

Meanwhile you can head over to our Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare gamepage to see why everyone is so excited.

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