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Civilization 6 adding Kublai Khan, Vietnam, and more in latest New Frontier Pass DLC

And it's out next week.

Firaxis has detailed the contents of Civilization 6's fifth New Frontier Pass DLC update, which arrives next Thursday, 28th January, bringing new leader Kublai Khan, new civilisation Vietnam, an economy-focussed game mode known as Monopolies and Corporations, and more.

The developer says it's saving a more detailed breakdown of Vietnam, described as a "culture and terrain focussed" civilisation, for an upcoming First Look video, but teases that it'll be lead by a still-mysterious "god-like figure whose achievements have become stuff of legend" that's known for their "bravery, guerrilla tactics, and deadly temper".

Also scheduled for a more thorough First Look reveal is the "jolly but ruthless conquerer" Kublai Khan, an alternative leader for the China and Mongolia civilisations, whose abilities are said to create "new and unique opportunities" during play.

Civilization 6 - New Frontier Pass DLC 5.Watch on YouTube

Firaxis has thankfully been a little more forthcoming about the new Monopolies and Corporations game mode, explaining that it's designed to offer "more robust economic gameplay" focussed on creating Industries around duplicate resources.

Industries provide powerful buffs to home cities - from increased yields to decreased production costs - alongside a steady supply of Great Merchant points. Once enough points have been accrued, Industries may be levelled into Corporations, and these can create Products to slot into the Stock Exchange and Seaport buildings, much like a Museum's Great Works.

Those that successfully dominate the global supply of a luxury resource can create a Monopoly, capable of generating a massive amount of gold and Tourism, and if you want to learn more, additional details can be found in Firaxis' latest developer video.

Rounding out the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack update is a new district known as the Preserve, which can be built in secluded areas and is able to Culture bomb adjacent tiles, gain additional housing based on appeal, and increase the appeal of adjacent tiles. Two buildings can be constructed in a Preserve - the Grove (unlocked via Mysticism) and the Sanctuary (unlocked via Conservation) - and both increase the yield of adjacent Charming and Breathtaking tiles.

Civilization 6's Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack is included as part of the game's £32.99 New Frontier Pass, which will deliver one additional DLC instalment in March. Those who'd rather purchase the Vietnam and Kublai Khan update on its own can do so for £7.39 when it launches next Thursday, 28th January.

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