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Check out Ubisoft Manhattan in The Division

After the fall all that will survive is cockroaches and Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has snuck one of its own development studios in the midst of midtown Manhattan in its latest post-apocalyptic adventure The Division.

As you can see in Ian's video below, the Ubisoft Manhattan office contains plenty of artwork and decorations from Grow Home and a poster for For Honor. We're not quite sure what all the monkey plushies are about though. Any ideas?

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Ubisoft doesn't actually have a studio in Manhattan, so this was a creative liberty on the part of the developer. It likes to imagine a world torn asunder by disease and riots, where diligent Ubisoft employees remain steadfast in their goal of pushing out new products every year.

This isn't the first Ubisoft title to include a game development studio based on the real company. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag was full of futuristic sections at the fictitious Abstergo Industries, which imagined Ubisoft as a malevolent monolithic corporation run by dastardly templars.

You can find The Division's Ubisoft office on the corner of East 42nd St and 2nd Ave.