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Carmack shows 60fps Rage iPhone game

Cheap, due in 2010. Bigger game next year.

id Software technical director John Carmack has shown off a tech demo of Rage running on iPhone during his keynote address at QuakeCon 2010.

Carmack said he got the demo up and running very recently and that it would form the basis of a small, cheap Rage title to be released this year.

The first Rage iPhone title would be about making people go "oh my god, look at this", Carmack said, whereas the second Rage iPhone title - due out next year alongside the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 release - would be more substantial.

The demo, projected onto a big screen, looked amazing, running at 60 frames per second, featuring all the "megatexture goodness" of big-platform Rage, vivid lighting, complex geometry and a number of waving (albeit stationary) enemies.

Carmack said that the eventual frame-rate would be similar to Doom Classic, but better than Doom Resurrection, and said that while the first Rage iPhone game looked great on iPhone 4 - and iPad - it would "run great" on the original 2G iPhone portable.

Carmack said that id Software was "in the process of pulling this into a game framework".

"I spent two full weeks last month working on this," he said. Apparently Carmack now spends about 10 per cent of his time working on mobile products.