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Capcom's E3 showcase will include Monster Hunter and Resident Evil updates

Plus The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Capcom has detailed exactly when you'll be able to tune in to its E3 showcase: Monday, 14th June at 10.30pm UK time.

Expect updates on what's next for Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise, as well as a look ahead to July's Monster Hunter Stories 2 and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

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So, what do we expect for Resident Evil Village? Well, Capcom is yet to talk about post-launch single-player support for the game, if there is any. More likely, perhaps, we may get a glimpse of new bits and pieces coming to its PVE Mercenaries mode.

There's no mention today of a showing for Resident Evil RE:Verse, Village's delayed online multiplayer component.

Could we see more Resident Evil games, or some other new announces? Capcom has promised nothing else for next week, so it's probably wise to keep expectations in check.

To keep track of everything going on over the course of the show, Eurogamer has a handy E3 2021 schedule guide.

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