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Callisto Protocol developer confirms 60 FPS performance mode

After Gotham Knights raised eyebrows for being 30 FPS on console.

The Callisto Protocol publisher Krafton has confirmed a 60 FPS performance mode for the game, just days after Gotham Knights hit the headlines for not having one on consoles.

Responding last night to some confusion over the game's release date, the official Callisto Protocol account on Twitter reconfirmed the space survival horror's 2nd December launch.

"And yes, we'll have a 60 FPS performance mode," the tweet added.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Callisto Protocol - New Gameplay Reveal Captured on Next Gen Hardware
The Callisto Protocol in action.

The news Gotham Knights will be locked to 30 FPS on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S raised eyebrows earlier this week - coming just days before its arrival this Friday. The Batman sidekick adventure previously ditched its planned PS4 and Xbox One versions "to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience".

There was some confusion last night over a possible delay to The Callisto Protocol, based on an erroneous listing for Krafton's game with a 12th February 2023 release date on the Epic Game Store Halloween Sale page. To confirm once again, the game's date has not changed (and it looked like someone had just got its 12/2 and 2/12 date formats around the wrong way.)

The Callisto Protocol describes itself as a "new story driven single-player survival horror game from the creators of Dead Space". It's being developed by Striking Distance Studios, a team lead by Glen Schofield, co-creator of Dead Space at the now-shuttered Visceral Games, and other former Visceral leaders.

A delay for Callisto Protocol always seemed unlikely - as this could then place its launch after the arrival of EA Motive's upcoming Dead Space 1 remake. That, if you'll recall, is due just over a month later on 27th January.