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Cage exploring "very different universes"

Quantic Dream "will not play it safe".

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Quantic Dream's creative conductor David Cage has shared his desire to explore "very different universes" with his new game.

Heavy Rain bestowed "credibility" upon the studio, he said, and Quantic Dream has no desire to "play it safe" from here.

"I remain interested in drama, dark themes and characters' feelings and psychology, but now I would like to explore very different types of universes and tell different types of stories," he told Examiner.

"We currently work on two very different projects. After the success of Heavy Rain, we continue to explore how we can go further with interactive drama, working on emotion and interactive storytelling for a mature audience, but with a very different story and a different approach.

"People who enjoyed Heavy Rain will be surprised by what we prepare," he added.

Cage said Quantic Dream's fans expect the studio to attack "exciting challenges" and "invent new ways of playing." "It is also what keeps me passionate about what we are doing," Cage offered.

Earlier this month, David Cage scotched rumours by telling Eurogamer "there is no project called Horizon featuring a couple in a science-fiction world currently in development at Quantic Dream". And he wouldn't lie. Would he?

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