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Quantic Dream working on next-gen now

"I need the thrill of a new idea" - Cage

David Cage has told Eurogamer that Quantic Dream has begun work on the next generation of "technology".

The studio sacrificed Heavy Rain's Chronicles DLC in order to retrofit Move controls to the emotional thriller. But that hasn't prevented work on "risky" and "pioneering" future projects steaming ahead.

"Certainly not!" exclaimed Cage. "Most of the team currently works on the next generation of technology and future concepts. We plan to significantly improve the technology compared to Heavy Rain, continue to take risks and explore new grounds.

"Many people wondered why we were not 'milking the cow' after the success of Heavy Rain - why we were not creating a sequel for next Christmas. It may sound weird from the outside, but this is really not how I see my company. We genuinely try to be pioneers for this medium and discover new possibilities, which means taking more risks and not always giving people what they expect.

"It also means having creative freedom and going every day to the office with a big smile thinking you are really lucky to do what you do, and being proud of your games," he said.

Cage told Eurogamer yesterday he wasn't overjoyed at ditching the Chronicles add-ons. But creatively he has ants in his pants and the prospect of lingering on Heavy Rain any longer was unappealing and dejecting.

"I need the challenge, I need the thrill of a new idea, I need to fight to convince my team, feel the danger, feel the fear, feel the excitement of working on something you strongly believe in," he surged.

"I am probably stupid to think that way as it certainly makes my life more difficult, but I am still naïve enough to let my passion lead my choices."

At the start of June, reports leaked that claimed Cage was working on a science fiction thriller called Horizon. He isn't, but he told us he liked the concept.

"I don't know where this information comes from but there is no project called Horizon featuring a couple in a science-fiction world currently in development at Quantic Dream," confirmed Cage. "Though if the script is available it sounds like a good idea."

"As you know, I am not particularly secret about Quantic's projects. We will officially announce them as soon as we are ready."


Cage was at E3 last month to unveil Move controls for Heavy Rain. These will be part of a re-issue of Heavy Rain released later this year. A patch will be offered to existing owners to add Move support to their game.

The rest of E3 failed to excite Cage, whose crusade to attract a mature audience to videogames appears to be a lonely one.

"This year E3 was mainly for hardware, for Move, Kinect and 3DS. I saw many great games that I will buy for my son, few I will buy for myself," he told us.

"I continue to hope that our industry will one day seriously consider making games for an adult audience. Unfortunately, E3 showed little progress in this direction."

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