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C&C Red Alert now available for iPhone

Yours for just under six quid.

EA has released an iPhone version of Command & Conquer Red Alert.

You can use the touchscreen to scroll around the battlefield, zoom in and out and move units. Playing as the Soviets or the Allies, you can play through 12 combat levels and fight on two maps in Skirmish mode. Units include classics such as the Kirov Air Ships along with new ones like the Paladin Tank.

In the future you'll be able to download a multiplayer function so you can compete against opponents via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. An expansion pack titled Empire of the Rising Sun is also planned. It'll feature a third faction with its own story, units and buildings, plus extra Soviet and Ally units.

Command & Conquer Red Alert is available in the App Store now, priced at £5.99.

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