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Buzz does brain training for PSP

Improve memory, observation, etc.

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Sony has announced plans to follow up this summer's Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP with another handheld title based on Relentless Software's famous quiz series.

This time though it's a Brain Training, er, tribute, called Buzz! Brain Bender (a brave name for British playgrounds), which is due out this Christmas.

Trip-B, as we're calling it for one paragraph only, boasts 16 mini-games designed to improve memory, observation, calculation and analysis.

For analysis, there's Path Finder (a maze game) and Power Struggle (work out who wins in a tug of war between different vehicles), while for observation there's Match Up (work out how many pairs of contestants there are) and Pattern Match (identify shapes to fit a grid).

Then for memory there's Take Away (identify missing cards) and Sound Bites (recall the order animal sounds were played), and for calculation there's Blot Swot (solve maths problems despite missing numbers) and Sliced Up (work out how much food hasn't been eaten).

Single players will be able to tackle these in a training mode, the objective-based Challenge mode and a Test mode that tracks your progress over time.

You'll also be told how much power your brain's outputting in kilojoules, and then shown the equivalent, like a vacuum cleaner or a jukebox.

Finally, there's multiplayer where you pass the PSP around a group of up to six people to take part.

Check out the Buzz! Brain Bender PSP screenshot gallery to see what it all looks like.

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