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Blizzard feels hellish heat as fans complain about Overwatch 2 Lilith skin locked behind hefty price tag

Slash and burn.

Lilith Moira in Overwatch 2
Image credit: Blizzard

Lilith Moira, Diablo's demonic Queen of the Succubi, is now in Overwatch 2, but this has been even less of a heavenly debut than perhaps developer Blizzard was expecting.

The studio made a big deal out of Lilith's arrival as part of its promos for Season 7: Rise of Darkness. This got fans excited - or it did, until it didn't.

You see, it turns out this Lilith skin is only available through an Ultimate Battle Pass bundle, and that bundle doesn't exactly come cheap - it's £35/$40.

Overwatch 2 | Season 7: Rise of Darkness | Official Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"The skin that was the focus point of advertisements for this season is exclusive to the $40 bundle... good job Blizzard," one disgruntled user shared over on the Overwatch Reddit.

This was met with the same sentiment in the replies. "Holy SHIT this company is SO SCUMMY I cannot believe it," one replied. "Wow, that's actually awful. What a joke," another added.

The skin that was the focus point of advertisements for this season is exclusive to the $40 bundle... good job Blizzard :)
byu/____Maximus____ inOverwatch

In another post, which is simply titled "$53.99? Go f**k yourself Blizzard" (as a quick note, this is the Canadian dollar price), Redditor YayoProtocal called out the developer's greed.

"Saw the new Moira and Pharah skin in the trailer and was excited for the first time in a long time. Some of the best looking and only skins for them in a long time and it's of course locked behind a shitty payware bundle. Not even available for premium BP, but the goddamn ultimate that they want money for. I should've seen this coming...

"Way to be greedy and ruin the excitement Blizzard."

Many of the replies on this post suggest other things people could spend thier $40 on, such as meal out, or a few months of Game Pass.

$53.99? Go f**k yourself Blizzard.
byu/YayoProtocal inOverwatch

This isn't the only time Overwatch 2 players have been burned by unexpected costs. Back in June, it transpired that Blizzard had included a paid-for add-on that granted "permanent access" to three story missions as part of its Invasion update.

It's not been all bad, though. In September, Blizzard announced it had banned 250,000+ Overwatch 2 cheaters since launch.

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