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Blackwell and Unavowed dev unveils time-travelling point-and-click adventure Old Skies

Heading to PC "soon".

Acclaimed point-and-click specialist Wadjet Eye Games - the studio behind the likes of Unavowed and the celebrated Blackwell series - has unveiled its latest contribution to the genre, time-travelling adventure Old Skies.

Old Skies cast players as Fia Quinn, a time agent for the ChronoZen agency tasked with keeping a close eye on seven travellers who've paid for a sightseeing jaunt to the past. "Some are simply curious," explains Wadjet Eye. "Others have unfinished business to resolve. And they’ve all put down a lot of money for the trip, so it’s vital that you keep them happy while ensuring they follow the rules. But what could go wrong? It's only time travel, after all."

Wadjet Eye is promising seven distinct time periods from history to explore - "from the speakeasies of Prohibition to the gangs of the Gilded Age to the morning of September 11th" - with puzzles set to take advantage of the game's temporal premise.

Old Skies - Teaser Trailer.

Old Skies - which will feature full voice acting and a musical score by Unavowed and Blackwell composer Thomas Regin - gets its first airing in the new teaser trailer above. Notably, Wadjet Eye is eschewing the chunky, distinctly old-school pixels of its past ventures for much higher-definition art, switching things up to 1920x1080 this time around.

There's no release date for Old Skies just yet, but it'll be making its way to Steam "soon".

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