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BioWare Doctors headline Expo sessions

Battlefield! Assassin's! id! Career Fair!

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BioWare Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will headline Eurogamer Expo 2011's developer sessions with a keynote panel discussing upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The BioWare chiefs take the stage midday on Saturday.

Eurogamer can also now announce an array of other developer sessions, including an Assassin's Creed Revelations presentation by Ubisoft Montreal, at 1pm Saturday.

Tim Willits will return to the Expo with daily presentations celebrating 20 years of id Software, the developer behind Doom, Quake and Rage. Panels take place 4pm Thursday, midday Friday and 3pm Saturday.

Witcher 2 developers CD Projekt RED will present a walkthrough of 2012's Xbox 360 version and the new v2.0 update for PC on Sunday at 2pm, while ArenaNet will take the stage at 1pm Friday to show off more of forthcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

Also confirmed? DICE exec Karl Magnus Troedsson will talk Battlefield 3 at 1pm Thursday, while Human Head Studios also returns with a Prey 2 panel 3pm Thursday and Friday.

For those looking to break into the games industry, this year's huge Career Fair is bigger and better than ever.

Friday's keynote panel will feature Miles Jacobson, director of Football Manager developer Sports Interactive, while Saturday's headline panel includes Paulina Bozek, BAFTA Award-winning creator of the SingStar franchise.

And for the Eurogamer faithful there's your annual chance to meet the Eurogamer team and ask us awkward questions we'll try our best to duck out of.

The complete Career Fair sessions listing lies below:


  • 1.30 - Careers in Games: Programming
  • 2.30 - Keynote Panel: "Games Careers and Education" with Miles Jacobson
  • 3.30 - Careers in Games: Design with Uncharted's Richard Lemarchand
  • 4.30 - Search for a Star: Finding the next games programming superstar!
  • 5.30 - Ask Eurogamer: Meet Team EG! Ask us questions!


  • 1.30 - Careers in Games: Art & Animation
  • 2.30 - Keynote Panel: "Games Careers and Education" with Paulina Bozek
  • 3.30 - Meet the Games Recruiters: Careers advice from the frontline
  • 4.30 - Careers in Games: Production & QA

That's all in addition to the Ninja Gaiden 3, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls dev sessions plus OnLive and PlayStation Vita presentations already scheduled!

Eurogamer will be announcing even more developer sessions and games throughout the coming weeks.

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