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BioWare testing Dragon Age PS3 patch

Game should "play nicer" with 3.3 firmware.

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BioWare believes it has come up with a way to make Dragon Age "play nicer" with the latest PlayStation 3 firmware.

After the 3.3 firmware started causing the game to crash for some players, BioWare "pulled additional programmers from the main game teams to help on this and have been running several parallel investigations non-stop to find potential solutions from our end, as well as continuing to work with Sony for both dev support and other options," according to developer Fernando Melo, writing on the official forum.

"Thanks to the great feedback on here and from those folks we've been in contact with directly, the team now thinks we've been able to find a code-side workaround from our end to patch DA to play nicer with firmware 3.3, which was one of our investigation threads.

"At this time I still don't have a date estimate for a DA patch with this fix however, and unfortunately we do not believe there is a manual workaround for this (one of the other threads we're investigating).

"We are currently testing this proposed code change as I write this, and if successful the next step will be for it to go into EA's publisher side certification testing. They are aware of the importance of this and will give this priority in the queue of titles/patches across EA. And once that clears, it will go into Sony cert testing."

Dragon Age: Origins is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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