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Bethesda's touching tribute to a fan who passed away

Good guy Evan lives on in Nuka World.

Bethesda has paid tribute to Evan, a Fallout 4 fan who passed away, by basing a character on him in the Nuka World DLC.

In a post made over two months ago, Redditor NoohjXLVII explained how his time with Fallout 4 had helped him through the aftermath of the death of his father the year before.

Then in a series of heartbreaking updates he describes how his younger brother Evan had fallen ill with a diabetes-related illness, eventually passing away at the age of 24.

Love from Evan.

NoohjXLVII returned to Reddit yesterday with a post announcing Evan's inclusion in the Nuka World DLC: "Hey guys, it's me again," NoohjXLVII wrote. "I'm the one who posted that depressing post a couple months back, Bethesda responded to that post by turning my brother into a character that you can find in Nuka World,".

Speak to Evan in the game and he'll present you with a unique Nuka-Love crafting recipe, completely free - a kindness rarely seen in the irradiated wastelands. According to NoohjXLVII this display of generosity is typical of Evan; "Don't feel guilty about taking his stuff!" he wrote in his post. "He insists you take it and in real life he would give you the shirt off of his back to help those in need."

Cover image for YouTube videoFallout 4 Nuka World - Meet Good Guy Evan At Evan's Home

If you'd like to visit Evan in Nuka World for yourself, you can find his home located on the Southern-most tip of Nuka World's map. Alternatively, check out the video above to see how the interactions with Evan play out.