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Battlefield 4's most cryptic Easter egg discovered

Cracking stuff!

Last year Battlefield 4 fanatic Jackfrags discovered a secret hidden megalodon hidden in DICE's multiplayer shooter, and now the dedicated sleuth has cracked what must surely be Battlefield 4's most cryptic Easter egg.

In a new video Jackfrags walks us through an incredibly complex logic puzzle hidden in the Dragon Valley map. It begins with a flickering lantern that actually contains a Morse Code message in Belarusian that translates to "Did you miss me? Good luck, JJJU" referring to Julian Manolov, the architect behind Battlefield 4's most enigmatic Easter eggs.

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As it turns out, the Dragon Valley map has seven hidden switches that correspond to various lanterns around a building. Each switch will turn some lanterns on and others off, but it's randomised how this works exactly, so there's no one-size-fits-all solution. You'll have to actually test each switch and solve the logic puzzle yourself, which looks quite challenging, even if you know the gist of what you're looking for.

Once this is completed, you'll be able to interact with a new hidden keypad on a wooden pillar that leads to the following Morse Code message: "When night falls over the old factory a secret lurks in the openness of the North Woods. Multiple the letters of the longest word and the one after it to form the code."

This is referring to the Zavod: Graveyard Shift map. Head over there and next to a specific rock you'll hear an ominous croaking sound. Speed this up in external audio software and it's someone saying "I've got little birdy legs." The longest word here is "little" and the one after it is "birdy." Give each letter its numerical value based on the alphabet and multiple them all together and you'll get 83980800000. Punch that into the keypad that appeared after solving the lantern puzzle and it will now offer yet another Morse Code message:

"To claim your prize now join a ranked conquest large game, stand at the west side of the shaft of the north-western water tower for two minutes, then use this individual code there: 131929664..."

It's worth noting that every player will receive a different code here. So you'll have to actually follow these steps and the solve the puzzles yourself for this aforementioned "individual code" to be of use.

At any rate, follow the directions and after a couple of minutes of waiting at the water tower a button will appear. Press it for a keypad to appear, allowing you to enter the code. Now you'll hear an audio message of someone screaming "promoted!"

When the round is over, go to your equipment customisation menu and scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the all new option for the DICE LA camo, a fatigue previously only available for the developers who made Battlefield 4.

That's it! The new skin is rather underwhelming, but the knowledge that you've cracked DICE's most devious puzzle is priceless.

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