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Battlefield 4's biggest Easter egg discovered

We're going to need a bigger boat.

For months Battlefield 4 developer DICE has hinted that its latest first-person shooter may contain a Megalodon (i.e. giant shark) Easter egg. This prompted thousands of fans - including the Captain Ahab-like YouTuber Jackfrags - to sail its seas in search of the elusive beast.

Well it looks like his efforts have finally paid off, as the Megalodon has finally been discovered. Jackfrags has video evidence on the extinct breed of shark taken from the map Parcel Storm. Apparently you need to gather 10 players around the buoy for the majestic creature to appear.

Cover image for YouTube videoMEGALODON FOUND! Battlefield 4 Giant Shark Easter Egg!
caption="Oh. Em. Gee."

The creature was teased by DICE's Aleksander Grøndal in a Swedish interview last October where he said the game contained an Easter egg that would make everyone on the server go "what the f*** was that?", and the map's name, Phantom Prospect was thought to be a reference to a book about divers at war with a giant shark. There was even an episode of the Battlefield Friends web series where a character shouts at his comrades to get out of the water because there are Megalodons in it. While this was a fan-made series, there is a line from the show in Battlefield 4's single-player campaign, suggesting that the devs and fans were in cahoots on this one.

Sure enough, the Megalodon is real, and its existence adds just a little more wonder to our mundane lives. Now if only someone could find something that cool in Shadow of the Colossus.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield 4 Megalodon - Giant Shark Easter Egg? + Phantom Prospect
caption="Jackfrags' epic search for the legendary Megalodon."