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Battlefield 2042's latest update brings Weekly Missions, tweaks, and fixes

Out tomorrow on PC and consoles.

DICE has detailed its latest numbered update for Battlefield 2042, which is set to introduce a new Weekly Missions system along with a selection of gameplay tweaks and fixes when it comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC tomorrow, 2nd December.

Starting next week, players will be able to participate in three "varying" Weekly Missions, accessible via the main menu, which will award player XP per mission and a unique cosmetic item for completing all three.

Other additions coming as part of the update include new Rush layouts for each All-Out Warfare map, new Builder templates, and a new Vehicle Team Deathmatch custom mode, giving players the option to use vehicles in their custom games. DICE notes Vehicle Team Deathmatch will support Rules Editor logic, and that one new logic option will be added in Update 3, enabling the game to check the source of fatal damage to a player.

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As for quality of life improvements, DICE says it's made enhancements to Battlefield 2042's Collection screen menus, reducing the amount of clicking needed to customise load outs and the Plus Menu and making it easier to understand the status of attachments - whether they're locked or newly unlocked, in use, or equippable.

Other promised UI improvements include smoother transitioning between different menus, plus increased visibility and reduced clutter across the in-match UI. Players can also expect improved Identify Friend or Foe markers, and new indicators to offer greater visibility on those nearby players who can revive you or be revived, or who are low on health or ammo.

Finally, DICE says the update will feature improvements and fixes for the likes of audio, rendering, and interactions, as well as over 150 smaller adjustments across all of Battlefield 2042's maps. The latter are designed to improve elements the developer felt detracted from gameplay, "such as spawning, visual glitching or collision issues."

All that arrives in Battlefield 2042's Update 3 tomorrow, 2nd December, and DICE says it'll be releasing another smaller update in the early part of this month with a focus on additional balance changes and bug fixes.

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