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Battlefield 1943 having difficulties

DICE wheeling in more servers to cope.

DICE has been working hard through the night to solve problems affecting Battlefield 1943, which launched on Xbox Live yesterday and should be out for PS3 today.

Apparently when it all went live yesterday, the news was not so good. Writing on the EA forums (thanks Kotaku), producer Gordon Van Dyke blamed servers unexpectedly hitting capacity due to high demand.

Later on, however, EA and DICE were able to introduce more servers, and posts to the forum and Twitter late last night suggest those included more in Europe. Judging by threads on our own forum, you're having more luck getting on now. Or maybe you're not? Let us know in the comments.

Look out for our review of Battlefield 1943 soon. We had hoped to bring it to you yesterday, but were unable to get enough time online with it pre-release. Absolute shambles around here lately. I'm planning to sack myself.