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Battleborn is £3.85

Still not quite free-to-play.

Beleaguered team shooter Battleborn is available for just £3.85, down from an RRP of £54.99, from UK retailer ShopTo today.

The eye-opening discount is the lowest price we've seen Gearbox's game, which has struggled to find any kind of foothold since it launched opposite Blizzard's Overwatch open beta.

Regular discounts, story DLC and a constant stream of new characters have failed to ignite interest.

The game's hardcore fans have even rallied to organise a Battleborn Day Steam event to help grow the game's community, but it left little lasting impression.

But, for £3.85 - can you go far wrong?

One word of warning, however. Two months ago Kotaku posted word that Gearbox was quietly working on a free-to-play version of the game - an assertion Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford initially appeared to discount, before detailing a free to play "trial version".

But even this, which will come with limited features but which can be expanded through purchasing other bits and pieces, may end up being more expensive than this offer for a boxed version.

Battleborn has never been labelled a bad game - in fact, Eurogamer's review labelled it "generous and inventive", even if "the marriage of genres doesn't fully convince".

We've added it to our list of PS4 Black Friday deals.