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Battleborn players are coming together to help save the game

Gearbox notices, helps out.

With Battleborn continuing to struggle, players have taken matters into their own hands in a bid to save the game.

Members of the Battleborn subreddit have organised a Battleborn Day for tomorrow, 12th November, in the hope that lapsed players will log back on to give Gearbox's MOBA-style shooter another shot.

And now Gearbox has taken notice, announcing all heroes will be free to try for the weekend.

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Battleborn Day was conceived by Reddit user bkndx, who in a post expressed his frustration at the lack of action.

In a post titled "Everyone's talking about saving Battleborn but not saying anything new so here's my idea," bkndx discussed the game's well-documented problems.

bkndx called on experienced Battleborn players to give newcomers a chance on Battleborn Day in the hope they'll have a good time and keep playing.

Following the call to arms from the community, Gearbox posted on the Battleborn website to thank its community and announce it was "flipping switches" to help support the event.

Here's what's coming from today, Friday 11th November to Sunday, 13th November:

  • The badassest of badass in-game events: prepare for Lootpocalypse, Play with the Devs, Double XP, and Double Credits all rolled into one phenomenal weekend!
  • A special "Battleborn Day Queue" with all kinds of fan-favourite maps and modes
  • Try out all 29 Battleborn heroes! Every character will be temporarily unlocked for all players
  • Enjoy 20 per cent off all skins and taunts in the in-game Marketplace
  • Swag giveaways on the Battleborn Facebook and Twitter channels

Meanwhile, the community hopes BattleBros, described as "a Big Brother program for Battleborn", will find a bigger audience this weekend. This is a group of players "ready to provide advice and guidance to anyone willing to fight to save Solus".

Fancy giving Battleborn another chance? Or is it all too little, too late?

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