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Bandai Namco Europe launches music label for game soundtracks

Tales of Arise joins Elden Ring out today.

Bandai Namco Europe has launched its own music label to release soundtracks from its most popular games.

The news comes alongside the release of the soundtrack to JRPG Tales of Arise, available from today.

That follows the release of Elden Ring's soundtrack, which was made available on streaming services earlier this month.

ELDEN RING | Behind the Scenes with The Budapest Film Orchestra.

Tales of Arise is the most recent game in the 25m selling JRPG series, with a soundtrack from series composer Motoi Sakuraba.

The extensive soundtrack covers the full game, from evocative background music to battle themes composed by Sakuraba. Sadly, that means the song from the anime intro isn't included: that's Hibana by Japanese rock band Kankaku Piero.

The Elden Ring soundtrack, meanwhile, has 67 tracks taken from the game, so you can relive your time in the Lands Between - all that relaxing journeying, gentle pottering, and easy exploration. Plus a few casual bosses, nothing taxing at all.

"Since the first videogames and all throughout the history of the industry, music has always been a core component of the gaming experience. Music made the games' memories last longer and followed the players into their daily lives with amazing soundtracks to go back to and relive the stories they played," reads a press release from Bandai Namco Europe.

"We strive to delight our fans with more than just games, so we decided to bring videogame music to as many listeners as possible, with the release of two digital albums of game background music."

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