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Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition out 15th November

Let's play Bhaal.

The Enhanced Edition of classic role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 is nearly ready. It's got a release date of 15th November (Windows, Mac) and a price of $24.95 - a bit higher than BG1:EE. Android and iPad versions are coming but dates are TBA.

Stuffed in are BG2 expansions Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, plus some new content made by developer Overhaul Games, such as four extra party members, a tough-as-nails Black Pits 2 arena thing and streamlined multiplayer.

Craig and his cuddly toy hope you'll like the game as much as they do.

There are technical improvements, too - such as widescreen support, remastered artwork and interface tweaks - but they stop short of the HD holy grail. This was rendered unobtainable due to the game's original artwork being lost in the annals of time, or BioWare's deep, wizardly pockets. That's what Overhaul boss and BioWare old-guard Trent Oster told me last year, anyway.

He also told me that after Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were enhanced and released, his plan was to try and get Baldur's Gate 3 - a brand new instalment - thumbs-upped by D&D owner Wizards of the Coast.

Whether he can do that depends on how the Enhanced Editions are swallowed by the general public. BG1:EE didn't set the world alight; it was an appreciated restoration of an old classic, but similar treatments were already available on PC using the right combination of mods. So what ought to have been the definitive version of BG:EE turned out to be just, well, different, our Paul Dean discovered.

Mind you, it's an easier sell on Android and iPad tablets, where the game has never previously been available.

BG1:EE also had some technical teething problems at launch. I'm sure Overhaul isn't keen to give a repeat performance, but it's worth bearing in mind before you steam in nonetheless.

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