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Babylon's Fall's concurrent PC player count fell to just one this week

Babylon's Fall and fall and fall.

Babylon's Fall, Platinum Games' action RPG, saw its concurrent PC player count drop to just a single player on PC on Wednesday, 4th May, 2022.

It's yet another sign that the troubled game - which only released at the beginning of March - seemingly continues to struggle to maintain a player base on PC (Babylon's Fall is also out on PS4/5, but there's no similar way for us to monitor player counts for PlayStation consoles).

Just a couple of weeks back, we reported how SteamCharts - a site that, predictably enough, charts the performance of games on Steam - noted that in mid-April, global players on PC dropped below ten. Fast forward to May, and it looks as though like things are getting worse, with concurrent PC players failing to top 100 at all this week (thanks, VGC). Its highest ever peak sits at just 1166 players.

Not only did the Square Enix and Platinum Games collaboration launch to mediocre reviews, it struggled to attract much interest from players, too. Just two weeks after launch, Square launched a survey in a bid to help "bring everyone an even better game experience", trying to convince fans that despite the wobbly start, work on season 3 is already underway and season 2's content was "practically complete".

Platinum Games further insists that there are "no plans" to scale back the development of Babylon's Fall despite its less than stellar launch.

If you haven't yet experienced Babylon's Fall but find yourself intrigued nonetheless, a demo - which includes four-player co-op - is currently available for PC and PlayStation. All progress made during your free trial can be transferred should you decide to press ahead and pick up the full version of Babylon's Fall.

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