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Babylon's Fall is off to a bad start on Steam

Less than 1000 online worldwide.

New PC and PlayStation release Babylon's Fall appears to have flopped on Steam.

Published by Square Enix and developed by Platinum Games, the multiplayer hack-and-slash RPG currently has a peak of just 874 players on Steam, and a "Mixed" rating for user reviews.

It currently sits well outside Steam's top 200 most popular games.

User reviews have criticised Babylon's Fall for its games as a service elements, monetisation model and £60 price tag.

"For the price they are asking for, it's not worth it," one user wrote. "Online only, cash shop and a seasonal battle pass. Wait for it to drop to 30 or so euro, but until they do that you might have no one to play with."

"A potentially fun Platinum Games title was stretched into a massive time and money sink that is really hard to justify," another user said. "It's Square Enix's Avengers game all over again."

Indeed, Babylon's Fall looks like the latest in a long line of misses from publisher Square Enix. Marvel's Avengers famously fumbled its live game approach. Last month, the publisher said its single-player Guardians of the Galaxy game had also missed the mark.

Last month, Platinum Games boss Atsushi Inaba said the studio was changing its approach to developing games to make titles that "can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time".

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Babylon's Fall

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