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Babylon's Fall is coming on the 3rd of March 2022


Babylon's Fall, the new Platinum number, is releasing next year on March 3rd. The announcement came in the pre-show for this year's Game Awards.

Published by Square-Enix, Babylon's Fall is a co-op action game for up to four players. Wield up to four weapons at once, carry a coffin around, and take on the Tower of Babylon. Fans of Platinum's wonderful Astral Chain will see lots to get excited about what with all the chains flailing around, although Babylon's Fall ditches sci-fi for a sort of colourful fantasy theme.

Cover image for YouTube video

The game's visuals aim to replicate medieval oil paintings, using a newly developed “brushwork style".

Babylon's Fall is due out on PS4, PS5 and Steam. New game modes, story content, and weapons are confirmed to be added for free post-launch.