Zelda: Skyward Sword - Sacred water location: How to find the sacred water explained

Time to return to Skyview Temple.

Bringing sacred water to the Water Dragon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will grant you access to the Ancient Cistern - you just need to find the sacred water first.

You'll undertake this part of your quest after you've defeated The Imprisoned for the first time, visited the Isle of Songs and the Silent Realm version of Faron Woods.

Below you'll discover the sacred water location in Skyward Sword, which sees you returning to a familiar temple.

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How to find the sacred water in Zelda: Skyward Sword

To find the sacred water in Skyward Sword, you need to return to Skyview Temple - the very first dungeon you visited. You will need an empty bottle for this part of the game, so, if you've placed them in the Item Check, now is the time to collect one!

You can return to this temple by travelling through Faron Woods and The Deep Woods, using all those logs I told you to move, or by using the Bird Statue outside the Water Dragon's room to return to the sky, before diving back down to the woods and selecting the statue outside the temple.

Before you head into the Skyview Temple, however, it's important to note that, while it has the same layout, it is now home to more dangerous enemies than you first visit.

Inside the temple itself, you'll want to head down the stairs to the area in front of the shortcut leading to the first large room. Here you'll find the Mogma you met in the Earth Temple who is also looking for some treasure.


After talking to him, take out the harp and play it in front of the nearby wall to activate the Goddess Wall and regain the Mogma's attention.


Next, go through the shortcut to reach the next room or, if you didn't open it, go down the stairs and through the small room to reach the door leading into it.

Hopefully you opened up the shortcut during your first visit.

You'll find the room is now home to Froak and Green Bokoblins, which you can either kill or ignore.

Turns out the door to the circular room has been locked, so head into the left-hand room and talk to the Mogma. He'll reveal that he buried the key somewhere, so head back the way you came and enter the room on the right-hand side.


In this room, jump into the water and swim through the crawlspace in the left-hand wall. Just watch out for the Froak!


Next, you need to climb the ivy and go along the small passage until you find a diggable part of dirt. It's here where you'll find the small key, which you can now use to re-enter the circular room.

Dig in this hole to find the small key.

Here you'll need to defeat two Staldras and, if you unlocked the shortcut on your first visit, you can skip ahead to the area outside the dungeon's final room. If not, you'll have to go the long way round by heading through the door on the right-hand side of this room.


Either way, once you reach this area you'll need to kill the two Bokoblin Archers by dropping a bomb on them using the Hook Beetle. Make sure you're standing at a distance to them or else they'll be able to hit Link!


Before heading through the final door, it's a good idea to ensure you have both a full bomb bag and health bar, because you'll be facing three Stalfos.

These Stalfos are defeated in the same manner as the one you faced during your original visit to Skyview Temple. Now you have the bomb bag, however, you can also use bombs to stagger them, giving you an extra opportunity to attack.

This is done by dropping a bomb on the floor and then luring the Stalfos over to it. When the bomb explodes, you'll be given a couple of seconds to attack the affected Stalfos and is an excellent tactic if you ever feel overwhelmed by the spooky muder skeletons.

Use bombs to make the Stalfos stagger.

Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will help you find every Heart Piece and Empty Bottle. We can also help you defeat Ghirahim, Scaldera, Moldarach, The Imprisoned, Koloktos, Tentalus, Bilocyte and Demise. You can also discover where to find Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals and a number of side quests, including the toilet paper quest, missing sister location and party wheel location.

Sacred water location in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

With the Stalfos defeated, you can now head into the spring area where the sacred water is located in Skyward Sword.

You can't, however, simply take any of the water from the spring - no, it has to be water from a specific waterfall.

This water is located on the second left of the goddess statue and can be easily found by using your dowsing ability. Next, use an empty bottle at the bottom of this waterfall to collect the sacred water.

The scared water can be found at the bottom of this waterfall.

Now it's time to head back to the Water Dragon - don't worry, you'll be automatically transported outside the Skyview Temple!


In return, the Water Dragon will open the way to the Ancient Cistern - Skyward Sword's fourth dungeon.

Make sure you prepare for the dungeon by buying potions, upgrading your equipment if you so choose and repairing your shield if needed. You can now buy Scared Shields in the Skyloft bazaar if you feel like a change!

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