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Zelda: Skyward Sword - Bilocyte boss battle strategy explained

How to free Levias from Bilocyte’s control.

Bilocyte is the boss you'll face in Thunderhead near Skyloft in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

You'll free Levias, the sky guardian, from this parasite after you've completed the Fire Sanctuary and resealed The Imprisoned for the second time.

Below you can discover how to summon Levias and our Bilocyte boss strategy, which will help you bring a little bit of peace to the skies.

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How to summon Levias in Zelda: Skyward Sword

Before you can battle Bilocyte, you need to summon Levias in Skyward Sword first.

To do this, you must first visit Headmaster Gaepora in the Knight's Academy on Skyloft and, as you leave, he will tell you about Levias - a guardian sky spirit who, for some reason, we're just hearing about now.

Why didn't he mention the sky guardian the moment Zelda fell to the surface?

Next, you need to talk to Instructor Owlan who can be found in his room, which is next to the Headmaster's.

Turns out Levias has had quite the personality change recently and Owlan will teach you the Spiral Charge bird flying technique to help you reach him. Before he will allow you to freely use the technique, however, you will need to pass a test.

To prove you can use the Spiral Charge, Ownlan wants you to use the technique on 10 targets in 120 seconds; some of these targets are held by birds, while others are attached to boulders.

We recommend targeting the targets on the boulders first, because breaking these will give you the majority of your required targets. You can then track down a bird or simply grab one of the flying targets if you're close to it.

It's also a good idea to only perform a Spiral Charge when you're very close to the target, so you don't have to waste time waiting for them to recharge.

Try to perform a Spiral Charge when you're very close to the target.

Once you successfully complete the test, visit the Lumpy Pumpkin - which is south-east of Skyloft - and talk to the owner. Before you leave, however, it's a good idea to visit the bazaar to stock up on potions and, if needed, have your shield repaired.

Now all you have to do is fly to the island beneath the rainbow in the Thunderhead.

Bilocyte boss battle strategy in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

The boss battle against Bilocyte in Skyward Sword is divided into three stages - one in the air and two on the back of Levias:

Stage One:

The battle against Bilocyte begins with you chasing after the possessed Levias on Link's Loftwing and, as you fly, you'll be able to see four eyes emerging from the whale's body.

You need to destroy all four eyes by performing a Spiral Charge into them.

It's a good idea to simply take your time during this stage of the fight, especially since you'll only take damage if you fly into Levias or one of the smaller insect creatures in the Thunderhead.

Use a Spiral Charge to destroy the eyes.

The only thing you truly need to look out for is Levias' tail, because hitting it will both knock you off course and steal some health.

Once all four eyes are destroyed, Bilocyte will appear and you'll be able to land on Levias' back. If you need to replenish health, you can easily land on any of the islands to drink a quick potion.

Stage Two:

Bilocyte is killed using the classic Zelda technique of knocking an enemy's projectiles back at it with your sword.

First, you need to send one of the green balls into the frills on either side of Bilocyte's main eye. You can do this by performing a sword swing in the direction you want the ball to go.

If you're hit by a projectile, then the frill will recover, but this won't happen if you dodge or miss your target.

Once both frills are destroyed, you need to send a green ball directly into Bilocyte's main eye. This will knock it down to your level, so you can attack it with your sword.

You will need to complete this process at least two times to reach the final stage of the battle.

Stage Three:

The third and final stage of the battle still involves hitting green balls into Bilocyte's main eye, but, this time, Bilocyte has the ability to move its head.

The best way to defeat the parasite in this stage is to move in the opposite direction to it; if, for example, Bilocyte moves right, you move left. This makes aiming your sword swings far easier and, after roughly sx successful hits, Bilocyte will be defeated.

With Bilocyte defeated, you'll now be able to talk to Levias and he'll charge you with finding the segments of the Song of the Hero.

To do this you need to revisit each region of the surface and talk to the dragon who makes their home there. The first stop is Faron Woods, but, before you can talk to the Water Dragon, you need to fight The Imprisoned for a third and final time.

If you need any additional potions after your fight with Bilocyte now is the time to buy them.