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Zelda: Skyward Sword - Earth Temple dungeon: How to get and use the Bomb Bag explained

Let’s venture into the fiery pits...

The Earth Temple is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

You'll be able to access this dungeon once you've completed Skyview Temple and found all five key pieces in Eldin Volcano.

In this dungeon, you'll find, and learn how to use, the Bomb Bag, so you can defeat the Scaldera - the Earth Temple's boss.

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Earth Temple bomb bag location explained

Your journey through the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword begins by jumping across three stone blocks and using the Digging Mitts on a patch of ground to reach a chest containing 20 Rupees. Just keep an eye out for Fire Keese and Red Chuchus!

Don't forget - you can now find Kukiel on Skyloft and start collecting Gratitude Crystals.

Although it's not necessary for the dungeon, you can visit the Mogma in the cave to your left before going further.

When you're ready, jump on the stone blocks which are being moved up and down to reach the area in front of the gate.

Now you need to open the gate by hitting the ropes on either end of the platform with your sword and, using the Beetle, break the rope attached to the right-hand of the gate.

Cut the ropes to open the gate.

After going through the gate, you'll enter into a battle with your first Lizalfos.

This giant lizard shouldn't be much of a challenge for you - just attack it like you would a Bokoblin, ensuring you avoid hitting it's armguard. It will attack you with either a spin or swipe attack, which can be easily avoided by jumping out of the way. Once defeated, the Lizalfos might drop a Lizard Tail.

Once the Lizalfos is defeated, use your Slingshot to hit one of the Bomb Flowers on the statue head opposite. If you're low on ammo, try using the Digging Mitts on some of the soil spots near you.

Now you can use the remains of this historical artefact to travel across the lava, squishing any Magma Spume beneath it.

If you use the ball to visit the platform on your left with the moving stone block, you can use a nearby Bomb Flower to break the wall and find a chest containing a random material. You can then travel north from this platform to find a chest containing another random material.

While you're on this side of the room, it's a good idea to use the giant ball to push in the lever on the left-hand side of the bridge. Simply keep rolling into it until it clicks into the bridge, moving a section upwards.

With this achieved, it's time to head over to the right-hand side of the room where you'll find Ledd the Mogma who wants you to find his Bomb Bag.

To do this, you need to crawl beneath the fence to the left of Ledd and kill the Bokoblin waiting for you. After its defeat, roll a bomb back through the roll to destroy the stones blocking the door.

Roll a bomb through the hole to access the next room.

Enter through this doorway and defeat the two Lizalfos waiting for you in a room with a similar layout to one in Dodongo's Cavern from Ocarina of Time. Upon their defeat, a chest will appear containing the Bomb Bag, which Ledd will kindly give to you.

An important thing to remember about the Bomb Bag in Skyward Sword is that you can refill it yourself by picking Bomb Flowers and quickly storing them in the bag. This saves both time and Rupees!

Earth Temple dungeon map location explained

Now you're in possession of the Bomb Bag in Skyward Sword, it's time to find the dungeon map for the Earth Temple. First, head to the main platform in the central room, before going up the left-hand stairs and using a bomb to destroy the stone blocking your way.

With that done, kill the Lizalfos and enter the next room.

Your first task in this new room should be to kill both the Bokoblins and the three Magma Spumes, so you can traverse the room freely. You now quickly defeat a Magma Spume by throwing a bomb at it.

When all the monsters are defeated, use the stone block in-between the two metal towers to travel to the room's upper level.

Here you'll defeat three Bokoblin, so you can safely open the chest containing the dungeon map.

After collecting the dungeon map, head back into the main room.

Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will help you find every Heart Piece and Empty Bottle. We can also help you defeat Ghirahim, Scaldera, Moldarach, The Imprisoned, Koloktos, Tentalus, Bilocyte and Demise. You can also discover where to find Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals and a number of side quests, including the toilet paper quest, missing sister location and party wheel location.

Earth Temple boss key location explained

Your next task in Skyward Sword is to find the boss key for the Earth Temple. Thankfully, the dungeon map is quite helpful and, by looking at it, you'll discover that it highlights a weakspot in the temple's wall. This spot is located on the wall directly opposite the save point on the central platform.

Look at the map to find the location of the bombable wall.

When you're ready, head over to this section of the wall and line Link up with the small crack just above the surface of the lava before hitting it with two bombs.

Look for the crack in the wall.

Next, you need to roll your ball down the newly opened passage, killing the Magma Spume as you go, and visiting the cavern on the right-hand side if you need to stock up on bombs.

At first, it will seem like the way forward is blocked, but, if you look at the wall opposite the second dragon head, you'll discover another crack in the wall. As you venture down this side passage, you'll notice a single dragonhead, which, if explored by your Beetle, will reward you with 100 Rupees.

Use the Beetle to collect the Rupee in the shortcut.

Continue down the lava path, killing Magma Spumes as you go, until you reach a gate.

Like the first gate you encountered in Earth Temple, this can only be opened by breaking the ropes keeping it closed. The first is located on your side of the gate and can be broken by the Beetle.

Next, send the Beetle through the passageway on your left and break the set of ropes on the other side of the gate.

Carefully continue down the path, waiting for the lava flow from the dragon head to subside, until you return to the main way. Here you can send a Lizlfos guarding a chest containing 20 Rupees to your left and the second lever which needs pushing in with the stone ball.

With the path properly raised, you can now access the northern part of the Earth Temple.

Entering through this northern door, you'll find yourself at the bottom of a large slope and, to reach the top, you'll need to sprint. It's too high, however, to do in one run, so you need to rest in the alcove roughly half way up your left side. Matters are made harder still by the rock which will drop down as you run up the slope.

Avoid the rocks!

Once you reach the top, jump over the small stream of lava and go through the gap in the fence. On the other side you'll find a soft patch of dirt, which, when dug, will create an air plume.

Use this air plume to reach the set of stairs and, at the top, send down a bomb to break the stones blocking the alcove on the second slope; you will need to toss this bomb further up the slope so that it will explode as it passes the alcove.

With that done, return to the bottom of the slope - once again using the alcove to dodge the falling rocks and regain your stamina.

At the top of the slope, you'll find yourself opposite the door to the boss's room. First, however, you need to go up the stairs and follow the path until you reach the chest containing the boss key.

After taking the boss key, you'll find yourself chased by a large stone Raiders of the Lost Ark style. Run down the path, grabbing stamina fruit if needed, until you reach the end and the stone blocks the lava flow preventing you from reaching the boss room.

Now all you need to do is save your game and make any final preparations you need before facing the Earth Temple boss - Scaldera. Defeating Scaldera will allow you to access the third region - Lanayru Desert - and the Lanayru Mining Facility.

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