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Zelda: Skyward Sword - Koloktos boss battle strategy explained

Whip it real good.

Koloktos is the boss of the Ancient Cistern - the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

You'll reach this boss after finding the Whip and using it to traverse the Ancient Cistern and it's dark depths.

Once you've defeated Koloktos, it's time to return to the Lanayru Desert where you'll need to visit the Pirate Stronghold, so you can track down the Sandshipto find the next sacred flame.

First, however, you can use our Koloktos boss battle strategy below to defeat this golden automaton.

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Koloktos boss battle strategy in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

Ghirahim is quite displeased about the progress you're making in Skyward Sword, so, in retaliation, he imbues Koloktos with evil magic.

The boss battle against Koloktos is divided into two stages, which you can find strategies for below:

Stage One

Your battle against Koloktos begins with it stuck to the centre of the floor. Don't, however, think this means you're mostly safe, because, if you wander too far from the automaton, it will send out two spinning blades towards you. These, thankfully, are quite easy to dodge.

Dodge the spinning blades.

To attack Koloktos, you first need to lure it into slamming an arm down onto the floor. When this happens, whip out the Whip and use it to break this arm.

Use the Whip to tear apart its arms.

You will need to do this four times to make Koloktos leave its weak spot unprotected.

At this point, you can attack this red weak spot with your sword. Though Koloktos will still attack you with its remaining arms.

You will need to repeat this process at least two times to reach the next stage.

Stage Two

Koloktos has had enough of your nonsense, dragging itself out of the floor and growing legs to attack you properly.

Similar to the first stage, you need to wait for Koloktos to slam three of its arms into the floor, so you can rip them apart from the Whip.

Doing this will cause Koloktos to drop three of it's swords - one of which you need to pick up.

There will be multiple swords to choose from.

Now you need to wait for Koloktos to slam its right arms into the floor and, when it does, destroy them with the sword.

Armless Kolktos will decide to try charging at you, which you can avoid by running out of the way and chopping off its legs with its own sword.

This will leave Koloktos defenceless, allowing you, still using one of it's swords, to smash through the gate protecting its weak spot and deal some good damage.

Trick Koloktos into hitting a wall, so you can chop off its legs.

Koloktos will rebuild itself, however, causing you to repeat the process above, which you'll have to do at least two times. It's also important to note that, shortly after rebuilding its body, Koloktos will begin a powerful sword attack, so it's a good idea to put some distance between you and it.

During this stage of the battle, Koloktos will also occasionally summon three Cursed Bokoblins, which can be quickly dispatched with one of the large swords.

After defeating Koloktos, collect your Heart Container and head through the door to find the first sacred flame.

Once your Goddess Sword has evolved, it's time to head back to the Isle of Songs, so you can visit the Lanayru Desert and explore the Pirate Stronghold.