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Zelda: Skyward Sword - Gratitude Crystals side quests, locations and rewards: How many Gratitude Crystals are there?

Everything you need to know about Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Sword.

Gratitude Crystals are a type of collectible you can gather in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword after you find Kukiel and meet Batreaux for the first time.

You find these orange crystals by either completing Gratitude Crystals side quests or finding the Gratitude Crystals locations.

Below you'll discover how many Gratitude Crystals there are in Skyward Sword and how to earn them.

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How many Gratitude Crystals are there in Skyward Sword?

There are 80 Gratitude Crystals to collect in Skyward Sword - 65 of which are earned by completing side quests, with the other 15 being scattered across the sky islands.


To unlock both the Gratitude Crystals side quests and the crystals hidden across Skyloft, you must first complete the Find Kukiel side quest, which is available once you've completed the Skyview Temple and placed the Ruby Tablet within the Goddess statue.

During this side quest, you'll meet Batreaux and he'll ask you to gather Gratitude Crystals, so he can transform into a human. In return for your efforts, he'll give you a number of rewards.

You need to collect all 80 Gratitude Crystals to fulfil Batreaux's wish and, once you've accomplished this goal, monsters will stop prowling Skyloft at night and Remlits will no longer attack you.

Gratitude Crystals locations in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

You can find 15 Gratitude Crystals scattered across Skyloft and its surrounding island in Skyward Sword. These Gratitude Crystals only appear at night and can be found both inside and outside of buildings.

The first 12 Gratitude Crystals can be found on Skyloft and three can be found within the Knight's Academy, beginning with the room in Link's bedroom.

The second can be found next to the door on the second floor of the Knight's Academy.

The final Gratitude Crystal is hidden within Zelda's bedroom in the Knight's Academy.

If you've already visited her room to collect the Heart Piece, then you'll be able to enter simply by using the bed. If you haven't, then you'll need to wait until you earned the Clawshots by completing the Silent Realm challenge in the Lanayru Desert.

Once you have this item, head to the roof of the Knight's Academy and use the Clawshots on the grappling spot within the chimney. Now all you have to do is follow the crawl spaces until you reach Zelda's room.

For the fourth Gratitude Crystal, you need to visit the Sparring Hall next to the Knight's Academy. Once there, deploy the Hook Beetle and retrieve the crystal from the building's rafters.

Another Gratitude Crystal can be found by going down the main set of stairs which lead to the Knight's Academy on Skyloft and then immediately heading right across the wooden walkway.

After crossing this walkway, you'll be able to find the Gratitude Crystal in a corner next to the cliff face.

To find the sixth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, you need to head to the windmill closest to the bazaar. To the right of this windmill, you'll find a section of vines which will allow you to climb down to the ledge below.

It's on this ledge that you'll find the Gratitude Crystal.

After collecting this Gratitude Crystal, head into the house directly opposite the nearby windmill to find the next crystal.

You'll find a Gratitude Crystal inside this house.

For the eighth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, head to the Light Tower at Skyloft Plaza and climb the first ladder. Now all you have to do is walk around this level of the tower until you find the Gratitude Crystal.

Next, head to the pumpkin patch on the residential side of Skyloft where you'll find a Gratitude Crystal next to a tree.

To find the tenth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, you must, again, ensure you have the Clawshots. Once you do, head to the entrance of Waterfall Cave where you'll be able to find a series of vines you can Clawshot to.

These will take you to the top of the waterfall where, alongside a Goddess Chest containing a Heart Piece, you'll find the Gratitude Crystal within the water. You retrieve it by either swimming in the water or using the Hook Beetle.

For the final two Gratitude Crystals on Skyloft, you need to head through Waterfall Cave to where Groose hid Link's Crimson Loftwing.

One Gratitude Crystal is located close to the Bird Statue, while the other can be found in the cave the Loftwing was trapped in.

You need to travel through Waterfall Cave to reach these Gratitude Crystals.

Two loose Gratitude Crystals can be found on Pumpkin Landing, so travel there during the day and then sleep till night in one of the beds in the Lumpy Pumpkin.

One Gratitude Crystal is located on the balcony area of the Lumpy Pumpkin and the second can be found in the storage shed outside.

The Gratitude Crystals hidden on Pumpkin Landing.

For the final loose Gratitude Crystal, you first need to sleep till night in Beedle's shop. Leaving the shop, you'll now find yourself on Beedle island. Now all you have to do is use the Hook Beetle to collect the Gratitude Crystal from the top of the shop.

With all of the loose Gratitude Crystal collected, you can now earn the remaining 65 by completing side quests.

Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will help you find every Heart Piece and Empty Bottle. We can also help you defeat Ghirahim, Scaldera, Moldarach, The Imprisoned, Koloktos, Tentalus, Bilocyte and Demise. You can also discover where to find Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals and a number of side quests, including the toilet paper quest, missing sister location and party wheel location.

Gratitude Crystals side quests in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

There are 12 Gratitude Crystals side quests in Skyward Sword and, upon completing one, you'll earn five Gratitude Crystals.

Each side quest is started by talking to a specific character on Skyloft and with most becoming available after you've either found a specific item, like the Clawshots, or reached a certain point in the game's storyline.

Many of these side quests involve searching for objects on the surface world and, if you have the Master Sword, you'll be able to dowse for said objects.

Below you can find all of the Gratitude Crystal side quests, along with their requirements and how you start each quest:

  • Find Kukiel
    • Requires: Completed the Skyview Temple and placed the Ruby Tablet within the Goddess Statue
    • Started by: Talking to Wryna near the Goddess Statue
  • Find Orielle
    • Requires: Completed Find Kukiel
    • Started by: Talking to Parrow - the man walking around Skyloft plaza during the day
  • Peatrice's crush
    • Requires: Visiting the Item Check throughout the game and flirting with Peatrice
    • Started by: Talking to Peatrice
  • Clean Mallara's house
    • Requires: The Gust Bellows from the Lanayru Mining Facility
    • Started by: Talking to Mallara, Pitt's mother, in her house at night
  • Fledge's request
    • Requires: Defeat The Imprisoned for the first time
    • Started by: Talking to Fledge in his room at night
  • The tale of the haunted restroom, toilet paper and Cawlin's love note
    • Requires: Receive the Harp and defeat The Imprisoned for the first time
    • Started by: Talking to the woman in the Knight's Academy kitchen or the men at the bazaar café
  • Find Dodoh's party wheel
    • Requires: Complete the Isle of Songs puzzle
    • Started by: Talking to Dodoh on Fun Fun Island
  • Find the crystal ball
    • Requires: The fortune teller to stop visiting the bazaar
    • Started by: Talking to one of the men at the bazaar café or visiting the fortune teller at his home during the night
  • Find the baby's rattle
    • Requires: The Gust Bellows and the Clawshots
    • Started by: Talking to Bertie, the potion seller's husband, at the bazaar
  • Find Beedle's beetle
    • Requires: Defeat Bilocyte and play the Bug Heaven minigame in the Thunderhead at least once
    • Started by: Sleeping in Beedle's shop and talking to him, at night, on his island
  • Owlan desires a rare plant
    • Requires: Faron's part of the Song of the Hero
    • Started by: Talking to Instructor Owlan in his room at night
  • A plowman for the Lumpy Pumpkin pumpkin patch
    • Requires: Complete the Lumpy Pumpkin side quests and gather the Song of the Hero
    • Started by: Talking to Kina

Gratitude Crystals rewards in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

Collecting Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Swords will earn you a variety of rewards - from a Heart Piece to wallet upgrades - which will be very helpful in your adventure.

To receive these rewards, you must return to Batreaux, be it day or night, and have a quick chat with him.

Here are the rewards on offer and the number of Gratitude Crystals you need to earn each one:

Number of Gratitude CrystalsReward
5Medium Wallet
Increases wallet size to 500 Rupees
10Heart Piece
30Cursed Medal and Big Wallet
Increases wallet size to 1000 Rupees
40Gold (300) Rupee
50Giant Wallet
Increases wallet size to 5000 Rupees
70Two Gold (600) Rupees
80Tycoon Wallet
Increases wallet size to 9000 Rupees

Upon finding all 80 Gratitude Crystals, Batreaux's wish will be granted and he'll transform into a human. This will also cause all the monsters on Skyloft to vanish and Remlits will no longer attack you when night falls.

Good luck collecting Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Sword!

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