Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission locations explained

Where to find all 12 Secret Missions locations in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 secret missions are littered throughout the game's 20 missions, and require keen attention at the world around you.

Secret missions are represented by a huge pentagram, and you'll have to find a specific place to stand that will glow on touch, and then center the camera to align the shape accordingly.

Once that's settled, a prompt will appear with the mission objective, which goes from eliminating all enemies without taking damage or performing a kill with just one shot.

Keep in mind that you don't need to complete them immediately. A new option will show up in the main menu that lets you tackle the secret rooms at any time.

Lastly, you'll be rewarded with a Blue Orb Fragment each time, making for three Blue Orbs total, which are used to permanently increase your health bar.

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Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 1 (Mission 2)

The first one is pretty straightforward and you'll obtain it just by following the story. In Mission 2, you'll eventually find yourself inside a crumbling house.

Once you used the second Nidhogg, the path will take you through a corridor that quickly gets blocked. Use the opening on the right to enter the room, and you'll see a sign on the wall.


The game will then teach you how to align the shape in order to activate it.

For this one, the objective is simply to eliminate all enemies.


Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 2 (Mission 3)

In Mission 3, Nero will get inside the sewers after the outdoors section. Keep progressing through and pay attention to the door with an exit sign on it.


A brief cutscene will play showcasing a stairway that leads to the main path, but you'll want to jump below. Once in there, pay attention to the ceiling and you'll notice the engravings. Stand on the spot and look above.


This objective has you taking down Red Empusas before they escape.


Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 3 (Mission 4)

The secret mission in Mission 4 is a bit more tricky to find and will require you to spawn Nightmare in a specific moment.


After getting past the bridge collapsing and grabbing the Nidhogg, you'll get through a series of fights in the streets until you'll see a giant building with a painting on it.

Once you're in that battle, call upon your minion to see it break through the wall, revealing an alternate route.


Jump inside, and follow the ground floor until you find a corner on the right side.

In there, grab the second Nidhogg. Exit the building and continue going onwards and you'll get to a closed street leading to two passages. You want to go to the left where you can make use of your bugs to get inside another building.


Go up the stairs, make a double jump to get to the next floor and you'll be in the right spot looking at the sign just across the street.


The objective is to collect all the red orbs inside a room, there's 20 of them and you'll have 30 seconds to do it. As a heads up, make sure to unlock Hanging and Quickplay to make it easier.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 4 (Mission 5)

In Mission 5, similar to the previous one, you'll need to open a hidden path. Once you're inside the factory, start making your way inside by performing the first few battles, and you'll eventually get to a wall made out of construction rests.


Activate Nightmare there. If by any chance you happen to be low on energy, destroy the red blockade - it's tied to the main path so you won't miss it - and make your way to grab white orbs. Go back and call your minion.


Once inside, a battle will trigger itself. Annihilate all demons and you'll see a new path on the side fully opened now: there are a few crates with orbs waiting to be picked up, but you want to take the yellow stairs on the left.


Up there, you'll end up standing in the highlighting point, revealing the sign's location.


The objective is to eliminate all demons without being hit in under three minutes.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 6 (Mission 8)

Located in Mission 8, this one only demands using Nero's devil trigger as a grappling hook in one of the latter parts of the level. There are two massive lava 'elevators', but you only need to pay attention to the second one.

Hop on the platform and keep an eye on the right side, there's a place to land nearby that will lead you to the hidden place.


You can get there in two different ways: jump from the moving platform once you've gained enough height (but not enough to hit the ceiling and fall, although you don't have to worry about damage or ending in a different place here) or once you reach the limit and jumped to the main path, make a double jump to the platform from there.


Once you've landed, just hook your way in. Grab the first, and shoot the second one so you can continue the grapple. You'll end up looking at a giant closed room.


There are two devil triggers to pick up, a few orbs, and most importantly, the highlighted point. You barely need to move the camera here: just look at the giant wall in front of you and it's likely to activate the secret mission prompt.


This one takes you to a level where to have to get from point A to point B without touching the ground.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 6 (Mission 9)

Once more Nightmare will come in handy. In Mission 9, after finishing up the first closed battle, keep heading straight until you find a few platforms with red orbs on them. Call the minion and it will open up the path for you.


Now, once you start exploring the area you will notice a locked room with engravings on the entrance, from where you can peek inside to see a blue orb fragment.


If you didn't manage to save energy feel free to keep exploring and come back again. Just keep in mind that if you go down through the mines you won't be able to come back. If you end up inside a massive cave, you passed it.


If you gathered enough energy, go ahead and call Nightmare again. By spawning inside, it will break the blockades and let you in easily Feel free to grab everything inside and then jump to the platform at the opposite side of the door. Move the camera to face the engravings and that's it.


This objective is to eliminate all enemies in less than 20 seconds.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 7 (Mission 10)

In Mission 10, the first one as Dante, you'll also find new doors that will permanently shut down after a given time. They're always tied up to combat, so make sure to finish up the enemies as fast as possible to have the biggest window possible (although they're really forgiving).

Keep progressing through the level and you'll end up in a giant room that has two of these doors. After killing the demons you want to go to the left room, standing from the same side as the one you were right before landing on the ground.


If in doubt, if you see red orbs run straight to the other door. The latest checkpoint saves up right at the entrance, so there's no harm in dying or wanting to retry to get to both doors.

Once inside, follow the path right until seeing two platforms. Use the double jump and you'll be standing in front of yet another room with a circle in the center.


Stand there and look at the ceiling, facing the angle from the path you just came from.


This secret challenge asks you to kill an enemy with a single shot in its weak point.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 8 (Mission 11)

Again with_Dante, the secret stage in Mission 11 can be found in the crumbling building. You'll notice the beginning of the section by traversing a bridge, and once inside, you'll have to start breaking the demonic presence of the area to open new paths.


Just break the first one and then head back to the main area.


You'll notice a small tower within. Get inside by jumping from the walls at the sides and you'll find your glowing point. Look to the wall and the secret mission will trigger.


This one is about maintaining an S rank or higher while you defeat a number of demons.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 9 (Mission 12)

In Mission 12, once you finish up filling up the statue with blood, go through the hatch and into the catacombs. Keep heading straight and you'll begin to notice the engravings in the walls.


To get this one, make a double jump to the right opposite side of the room. If you can't manage to get there, try to go to a lower step and jump from there. You'll quickly notice the standing point. Face at the door and the mission will trigger itself.

This one is about staying in the air for more than 15 seconds by performing attack combos.


Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 10 (Mission 14)

Located in Mission 14, this one is surprisingly easier than the rest from V. Just progress through the main path normally, and after recovering your powers keep heading straight.

Break through the demonic presence, and keep running until you find yourself inside a bone cave.


There's a short passage to the left that appears to be empty at first, but once you get to the end, you'll see the highlighted point. Face backward and you'll quickly notice the secret mission prompt.


This one is all about getting all the way through the level without touching the ground.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 11 (Mission 15)

In Mission 15, keep playing as normal until you find the first Divinity Statue. Get right past it and you'll see a new path behind it, which leads to a flying section using the Punch Line arm for Nero.

Just throw it over and recall it back by holding down the same button to hop on it.


From there it's pretty straightforward, just follow the red orbs until you ultimately reach the other end. There are more Punch Lines lying on the floor in case you fail, so don't worry if you fall or just happen to get hit by an enemy.


Once you arrive to the other side, keep heading straight and get the blue orb fragment. Move a bit further and you'll fall to the ground, where Nero will say that he feels a presence. Get on the highlighted point and look above.


There's you Secret Mission 11, in which you have to run straight to the goal in under 30 seconds.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 12 (Mission 16)

The last one is in Mission 16, and it requires a bit of platforming. This level is all about descending, and you don't have to worry about it until you finish the third fight and get in front of the place in the first screenshot.


Look below and fall in the big platform, and then do a short jump to the one just below. For reference, look at the red orbs with a violet lighting behind. That's where you need to go.


Once inside, keep moving straight and then jump below. You'll find the highlight point there, and the last secret mission is just there in the ceiling.


In here, just collect a set amount of orbs to complete it.

And that's it - you're done with the Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission locations! Congratulations!

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