God of War - Find a way to the Hammer, Traveler Champion and Seasons puzzle solution

A walkthrough for the third part of the God of War story mission, The Magic Chisel.

Find a way to the Hammer, defeating the Traveler Champion and finding the Seasons puzzle solition are your next tasks on The Magic Chisel quest in God of War PS4's main story.

Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about this section of your quest, including how to solve any puzzles, take down any bosses and find any useful loot along the way. For guides to specific collectibles we also have pages on Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, Lost and Found locations and Faces of Magic locations, too.

This page follows on from God of War - Thamur's Corpse puzzle solutions, Frozen Lake, Head of Thamur.

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Otherwise, you can always cycle back to our main God of War walkthrough and guide hub, too.

Find a way to the Hammer

After chatting with Sindri, you need to find a way to traverse across Thamur's Corpse to the giant's hammer - that's going to be your way to break the ice and get down to the Chisel on the lower level.

To progress, look to the glowing red gems on Thamur's big braids of hair. They're red crystals, and that means they explode when shot with a shock arrow. They also have those discs either side of them that you can hit with your axe to spin them, although the first one you don't need to spin.

Hit the nearby red crystal with a Shock Arrow to explode it and cause some disruption, making the next ones along the braid targetable.


The next one you need to hit a disc first to spin the crystal round so its visible for another shock arrow, and quickly follow up with a Shock Arrow as soon as you do so (it'll spin all the way round, so you need to time it right).


This knocks the whole thing out of the way and now you can progress by jumping across to where the braid just was. Climb up the ledge ahead, grab the loot fromt he Hacksilver chest, and continue platforminga round the side of the big stone tower until you get to some big doors, and enter.

Traveller Champion

Inside is a mini boss called a Traveller Champion: a tough, armoured dead knight with a huge sword and shield on his back.


Defeat him by knowing when to dodge and when to attack. He essentially has two types of attack: a blockable one (yellow warning circle) and an unblockable one that you need to dodge (red circle). Dodge at the right time and you can get damage off by hitting him when he's vulnerable after an attack.


Look out for ranged enemies that pop up - focus them down quickly - and don't bother with throwing your axe at all, as he's invulnerable to it, until one specific moment: when he raises a kind of glowing skull up above his head. Target that with a throw of your axe as quickly as possible. If he successfully charges this attack it'll do massive damage. If you hit it with a throw of your axe, it'll do massive damage to him!


When he's low on health his helmet will come off, and he'll start to take damage more easily. Keep waiting for the right moments - bait him into an attack when his back is turned to you, as at that point he's invulnerable until he lunges - and just keep dodging and countering until he goes down.

He'll drop some good loot, including some exclusive items, and it'll start another new Kill Labour, Travel's End, too.

Head to the Western wall and pull the big rock back all the way into the middle of the room to open up an exit. If you pull it as far across as it'll go, you can hop on top and out of a ledge on the Eastern side to a small chest.


Push it back to the middle of the room, and you can then use the big, golden statue of a sword to reach a Legendary chest. Climb onto the stone cube, hit the disc to the right of the sword to spin it, jump on, climb up, and shimmy to the right to jump down onto a ledge with the chest. Then drop back into the room and exit via the gap you made when you first pulled the stone away from the wall.

Look up!

Do a spot of platforming outside and work your way round to the right, following the golden hand markings on the big stone pillar ahead, and climb up onto the platform where you'll see a huge buckle in front of you, with a red crystal attached.


Shooting it will cause it to detonate as usual, but you need to swing this huge thing to make the detonation do anything useful. Head over to it, interact with it when prompted, and when it's swinging away from you command Atreus to shoot. It'll take a couple tries but time it right and the hude ice wall ahead will shatter, almost causing the hammer to fall!


Looks like you'll need to climb up to the top of it to finish it off though.

Make your way up the Hammer

Head to the end of the platform to your right and swing and shoot another big buckle to smash some ice, opening up a path to another coffin chest with solid Svartalfheim Steel inside.


Now, you can jump onto that buckle and climb up it via the gold markings.


Follow all the gold markings as you go - it's all fairly intuitive - and you'll pass through the handle of the hammer and up, eventually, to the very top.

Release the strap

At the top of the hammer, give the strap a big old nudge and it'll go tumbling... not very far. It's now lodged against another wall and you're going to need to give it another shove.

Find a way to the hammer's head

Head inside the huge doors in front of you where you landed, and imemdiately open a coffin chest to your left for a Rare bit if Waist Armour favouring Runic abilities.

Ahead, it's time for a puzzle - and a battle.

Seasons puzzle solution

This puzzle has you rearrange symbols on the wall to represent seasons. Get them in the right order and you can progress.


First, smash the box on the right to let Atreus crawl through a little tunnel to get to the gold panels up ahead.


He'll reach another sand bowl, meaning the puzzle's begun. You need to hit the spinner discs under each of the four rectangular gold panels to spin them to display the right seasons. We'll get straight to it (if you want to figure it out for yourself just skip ahead a few lines).

Seasons puzzle solution

From left to right.

  1. Autum (leaf)
  2. Summer (Sun)
  3. Spring (flower)
  4. Winter (snowflake)

When that's solved and Boy writes the correct rune into the bowl, the floor will magically fix itself - step on! It'll start to rise, and Atreus has to keep writing the word into it to keep making it rise, only there's a problem...

Enemies! You now need to clear the area of enemies, repeatedly, as quickly as possible to avoid Atreus being disrupted from writing the rune in the bowl.


Use all the tools in your arsenal to crowd control - area of effect attacks are probably better than precision axe throws, for instance - and keep an eye on the bar at the top. When that bar hits the bottom, you're done for! Keep clearing waves to top it up.

Save your Spartan Rage for when things are looking really hairy, with the bar close to the bottom for instance, and you should be fine.

Once you reach the top, quickly command Boy to shoot the two red crystals by the exit to open up a path, then jump for the marked crack in the rocks to climb up and escape.


Push the hammer

Right, hopefully this is the last bit of hammer-shoving you nead to do. Climb round to the hammer, give it a push and ride it down to your next objective.

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