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Shenmue II makes it to the US

Well, in a way

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Although it may be highly amusing to see the Americans deprived of Shenmue II due to a management cock-up, it's a tremendous game - one for the fans - and we'd feel bad if they never got to play it. Fortunately, it looks as though a number of major retailers in the USA have banded together and agreed to import copies from Europe, selling at around $59.99. Some Electronics Boutique stores are bundling a DC-X boot disk to allow gamers to play the imported software. So, if you live in North America and would like nothing better than to deal with Ryu's father's killers once and for all (no guarantees, mind), then you could do a lot worse than hot-foot it to your local games emporium and ask what their plans are. Otherwise, a number of mail order companies (including National Console Support) will happily service your needs. Related Feature - Shenmue review

Source - Planet Dreamcast

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