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Grand Theft Advance?

Grand Theft Auto 3, Smuggler's Run and Midnight Club coming to GBA

Digital Worldwide have revealed that they will be publishing GameBoy Advance versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Smuggler's Run and Midnight Club. All three titles involve motorised mayhem and were originally released on PlayStation 2 by Take 2. Grand Theft Auto 3 clearly needs no introduction, having been released just a couple of weeks ago to critical acclaim and chart topping success. Smuggler's Run was one of the better games amongst the PS2 launch line-up, setting you the task of finding your way cross-country to pick up and drop off legally dubious packages while avoiding the attention of the police. Last and (in this case) least is Midnight Club, an entertaining but ultimately unremarkable street racer set in downtown New York and London. It's not clear how these games will be converted to the diminutive pocket gaming system, as no screenshots or detailed information is available yet, but we would hazard a guess that GTA3 at least will revert to the top-down view favoured by earlier games in the series. Further details will no doubt start to filter out soon though, as Midnight Club is currently aiming for a December release and the other two games should be available some time early next year. It's quite a coup for Digital Worldwide, a small publisher based in the industrial wastelands of the North (that'll be Sheffield then) which has only been around for a little over a year. It's also quite a change of pace from their debut GameBoy Advance title, Snood, which is due for release on November 30th. Based on the popular shareware puzzle game of the same name, which has been around on PC and Mac for the last five years, it looks suspiciously like Bust-A-Move, but without the cute cartoon characters and gaudy graphics we have all come to know and love. But with GTA3 under their belts and more high profile announcements being promised for next year, we will no doubt be hearing more from Digital Worldwide in the future. Related Feature - Snood press release

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