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AMD launch XP1900+

The fastest CPU on the market, oh yes

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AMD have launched their Athlon XP 1900+ part this morning, and already the Internet is buzzing with reviews. The part, which runs at 1.6GHz, makes the Pentium 4 look like a Celeron. The retail price of the part on the American market is about $270, with British retailers like still to announce pricing. The chip was originally expected to launch some time in December, and as such has probably caught Intel napping. With Intel's cheaper i845D DDR-based Pentium 4 platform due out shortly, AMD are presumably feeling pressured to push superior processors out the door. They can expect them to sell too, particularly on (surprisingly cheap) motherboards featuring the new KT266A chipset from VIA, which boasts explosive performance according to our testing with an Epox 8KHA+ (kindly donated by The Overclocking Store). As for the XP1900+... performance figures at leading hardware e-zine AnandTech leave little to the imagination. XP1900+ wins every gaming benchmark hands down. Related Feature - AMD Athlon XP review

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