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Kick Off is back

Hide your children!

"Classic" footy title Kick Off is back courtesy of Acclaim, this time on PSOne, PlayStation 2 and the PC. The difference this time seems to be that publisher Acclaim recognizes the game's (ahem) worth, and is pricing it accordingly. Kick Off '2, which will be available exclusively from Electronics Boutique and Game, will cost £12.99 for the PSOne version, £19.99 for the PS2 version and a tiny £9.99 for the PC version, all of which are ostensibly the same. "The original qualities and simplicity that made Kick Off such a popular and endearing game have been maintained," a press spokesperson boasts, "and a whole host of new features have been added to please the football fans of 2002". What those need features amount to are a team editor, 204 international teams rated according to FIFA's rankings, and players with a unique combination of eight skills and physical attribute statistics to play with. Simplicity itself, and that's pretty much the design brief anyway. Related Features - Kick Off '02 screenshots

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