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GameCube on schedule

Nintendo has half of the American launch allocation ready with a month to go

Nintendo has warehoused half of its American launch allocation of consoles nearly a month in advance with the rest on their way, IGN is reporting. The GameCube will launch on November 18th in the US, and the company aims to have 700,000 units ready. This is a figure the company is confident it can supply. Nintendo is confident it will have the full allocation ready for launch. Although this writer's home is a good example of console bulk storage, unfortunately I couldn't possibly comment on whether this is a good number to have warehoused this far in advance. In the event of a crisis though, 350,000 is a healthy enough number to launch with. I'm sure everyone will feel better when the warehouses are full. VP of corporate affairs Perrin Kaplan described GameCube as "ready to roll" and his company as "completely confident". Related Feature - Hip to be Cube!

Source - IGN