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Ghost Recon still coming to PC

Microsoft press release all a terrible mistake

One of the few surprises to come out of Microsoft's flamboyant X01 event on the Cote d'Azur earlier this week was a line in the press release which claimed that UbiSoft had "announced Ghost Recon as an Xbox exclusive". At the time we thought that this was rather unlikely, as we had seen the game running on a PC at ECTS just a few weeks earlier, and UbiSoft's latest release schedule still had the game listed for December 7th in Europe. Today we are happy to confirm that reports of Ghost Recon's exclusivity have been greatly exaggerated. A brief statement from UbiSoft reveals that "there is no exclusivity partnership between Ubi Soft and Microsoft for Ghost Recon on the Xbox, therefore Ghost Recon may be developed on some other systems in the future". Which seems to suggest it may even be released on other next-gen consoles at some point. Even better news though is that the original PC version of the game is now due out in the UK on November 22nd, two weeks earlier than expected. Related Feature - Ghost Recon preview

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