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Xbox in publicity shocker

Well, nearly

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has sketched out details regarding its plans for the Tokyo Game Show (otherwise known as the TGS) this Autumn. The show is currently scheduled for October 12-14 at the Makuhari Messe, and Microsoft has reserved 150 kiosks, the largest amount per single company there. Core Magazine is reporting that 20-30 playable Xbox games will be on display, although most will be American in origin. This is the first time Microsoft have bothered with serious publicity since E3 in May, as they scrapped proposals to show off at ECTS. Of the 20-30 playable games, one Japanese title has so far been confirmed; Dead or Alive 3. Most of the rest will be American in origin. Given the large number of Western journalists in attendance this will probably come over all right, but some will doubtless accuse Microsoft of 'missing the point' of the TGS altogether. Microsoft are also planning a full stage presentation and a theatre (read: cinema) with 5.1 channel surround sound. With a month to go before the Xbox's American launch, perhaps the Tokyo Game Show will be a suitable platform from which to announce details of the various topics Microsoft has been avoiding, including our favourite, the elusive online strategy. The last time we spoke to a Microsoft spokesperson about its online plans, we were told "it's a question of staying tuned". All very well, lads. That said, he did say that Microsoft "will certainly be making announcements before we launch the console". If not TGS, then where? Related Feature - Is Xbox the future of online console gaming?

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