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Colin McRae returns

New rally game in the works at Codemasters

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Codemasters have today confirmed that an all-new Colin McRae Rally game is in the works, giving the multi-million selling franchise its second full sequel. At present there is no word on which platforms the game will be developed for, but PC and PlayStation 2 look like fair bets with other next generation consoles a definite possibility. Apparently over 40 developers are already hard at work on the game, with the team set to expand further and a release tentatively set for some time next year.

As with TOCA Race Driver, which was announced by Codemasters earlier in the year, the new Colin McRae game will focus on the team and drivers as much as the cars and tracks, with associate producer Rick Nath saying that "we want the player to really connect with the feeling of being McRae". Rumours of a portal hidden behind a filing cabinet in Codemasters' office which leads into the brain of Colin McRae are as-yet unsubstantiated.

Source - press release

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